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> Research projects:

Working in collaboration with customers and suppliers, ADmajoris is an active member of the Plastipolis and Axelera competitiveness clusters and a key participant in several collaborative

ADmajoris and its main R&D approach
built around ECODESIGN:

  • Substitution of engineering polymers (PA, PC and PBT) with materials such as polypropylene that contain long glass fibres (a dedicated ADmajoris technology).
  • A wide range of natural fibres for use in polymers.
  • Use of bio-sourced polymers requiring less energy for processing while reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • Incorporation of nano-components into the thermoplastic matrix composites (for flame-retardant properties, electrical and thermal conductivity, traceability, recycling and more).


> Recovery of raw materials

With time-proven experience in this field, ADmajoris makes its know- how available for its customers.

The company's goal:
  • is to help its customers for a processing polymer waste.
  • is to recover these materials by using additives,chosen based on future applications and thus consistent with the company's overall environmental sustainability process.

Environmentally responsible, focused on interest of community.